CSc Teaching Portfolio

Graduate students in the Computer Science department are expected to submit an annual teaching portfolio, that documents the class(es) that they taught. Full-time faculty are also required to do this every year.

Teaching Portfolio

The teaching portfolio must include the following items.

  1. a cover letter,
  2. syllabus, including a brief list of topics covered
  3. grade distribution information (how many students received A grades, how many received B grades, etc.),
  4. student evaluations, including all written responses (positive and negative),

This will be due every January, for the previous calendar year.

The syllabus should include a brief list of topics covered, such as the chapters from the textbook(s). If your syllabus does not include this, please add it.

Do not include materials beyond the previous calendar year's 3 semesters (Spring, Summer, and Fall).

You can staple these materials together (preferred), put them in a binder, or put them on a CD-ROM.

The cover letter allows you to walk the reviewers through your materials, and point out your accomplishments. It should be short (preferably 1 page but no more than 2 pages). Please explain the significance of the materials that you include and make it clear what you contributed. For example, if you include a test, did you create all of the questions yourself, or did some come from previous exams or the textbook? For power-point slides, did you make them, copy them from an instructor's CD-ROM, or get them from another instructor? You may have obtained slides from another source, then spent time updating and adding to the slides. But if you only include the slides, we have no way of knowing how much effort you put in.

Team-work is encouraged for instructors. For example, you should meet regularly with other instructors who teach a different section of the same course in the semester that you teach it. You are welcome to attach other materials if you feel it is appropriate. Please keep in mind that brevity is appreciated.

The best teaching portfolio may be eligible for an award.