Lotus Self-Defense Clinic

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Location: Suite 200, second floor
Student Recreation Center
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Instructor: Dr. Michael Weeks
Computer Science Department
Office: 34 Peachtree Street, room 1444 (14th floor)
Office hours: TBA
Phone: (678) 952-8196
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Web page: http://www.cs.gsu.edu/~cscmcw
Another good web page about Lotus: http://www.lotusmartialarts.com

Brief Description
Lotus Self Defense is a martial arts style from Thailand. We teach basic moves: punches, kicks, blocks, and rolls, with an emphasis on practical self-defense. Lotus is a combination of Thai kick-boxing, Aikido, Judo and Kenpo karate.

Course Objectives
This course is designed to give students experience in the Lotus Self Defense martial-arts system. Martial arts encourage practice, physical conditioning, and self-discipline, and students develop self-assurance. All of these qualities are important for success in life as well as in college.

About Lotus Self-Defense
The Lotus Self-Defense system was founded by Ajarn (Teacher) Precha Mahachanavong, officially sanctioned on October 2, 1969. It is a martial arts style developed in Ubon, Thailand. It combines elements of several martial arts: Aikido, Muay Thai Kick-Boxing, Kenpo Karate, and Judo. The idea is to borrow effective material from each style, and use what works. The result is a unique martial arts style, empowering practicioners to defend themselves if attacked regardless of the situation.

A typical Lotus class starts with stretching and warm-up exercises, then we practice kicks, punches, and blocks, next we practice falling to the mat, then practice hitting a target, followed by rolls. The rolls conclude with a brief form incorporating rolls, kicking and punching. After a few minutes' break, we return to practice kata, self-defense techniques, and cover any new material. The self-defense techniques are most interesting, and can be applied in real-life situations. Advanced techniques (though not part of the introductory clinic) include take-downs, flips, and throws.

More information about Lotus can be found at  www.LotusMartialArts.com .

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This is the class from Fall 2001
From left to right: William Bodner, Todd Smith, Ajarn Michael Weeks, Chibuzo Obi


Technique #28, Spring 2002

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