Digital Signal Processing Class - Pictures from Spring 2002

Project 1 - Dibliksira
Amanuel Hagos and Julian Pierce

Julian and Amanuel analyze and modify .wav files. The project name comes from a couple of Amharic words: "diblik" (combined) and "sira" (manipulation).

Project 2 - Speaker Identification System
Avery Davis, Nimarta Arora, and Yan Gu

Avery, Nimarta and Yan get a computer to determine who is speaking based on comparing their voice to voices it has heard before.

Project 3 - Analysis of Digital and Analog Music
Christopher Wright and Zhiyi Li

Why do analog "tube" amplifiers have a warmer sound than digital amps? Chris and Zhiyi found that tubes misshape the signals they generate.

Project 4 - Speaker Testing
Chuan Dang, Patrick Flynn, and Mohamed Dagash

Generating chirps with Matlab, Chaun, Patrick and Mohamed benchmark audio speakers.

Project 5 - Voice Command Recognition
Hong Bai, Janki Vora, and Brian Gamulkiewicz

Hong, Janki and Brian look at having a computer recognize their spoken commands.

Project 6 - Digital Image Processing
Kirubel Teklemedhin and Kiril Sutaria

Kirubel and Kiril explain image processing techniques such as lightening an image and finding edges through filtering.

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