A lot of websites now say this:

"By continuing to use this site, you agree to the use of cookies."

Apparently, changes in the laws in the E.U. have resulted in web-pages asking you to accept their cookie policy. There is a lot of sleazy stuff going on in the Internet, and I view laws like this as a good thing. However, I also add functionality to my web-sites using Javascript/HTML5, and sometimes server-side programs. (My computer is a server. Your computer is called a client. So "server-side programs" means that it's my computer doing something, such as displaying the number of visitors and adding one to that count.)

Some of the web-pages on this site use cookies and/or local storage. The purpose of this document is to let you know how this web-site uses the data that you (or your computer) sends. If you want to know what your computer sends, click this link. The program at that link responds with some information, e.g. REMOTE_ADDR and HTTP_USER_AGENT.

If you are just viewing a document like this one, it is not going to create a cookie. (Under Firefox, click on "Preferences" then "Privacy" then "Show Cookies" to see what cookies your computer is currently storing. There are probably a lot of websites storing cookies on your computer.) The purpose of the cookies that my website does use is to allow you to (maybe) set up an account, log in, to remember your preferences, and to allow you to save some information on this site. I say "maybe" because I do not allow just anyone to do these things.

The local storage is only used to allow you to save some information that you might want to re-load later, e.g. the maze game allows you to save your progress.

This website does NOT collect data on you for other purposes. It does not track where you have been before, or where you go after.

-Michael Weeks, 2016